• Hours building

Hours building

To become a pilot, both amateur and professional, is an incredibly rewarding experience. The theoretical and practical procedure to get the license is divided into a wide range of modules and courses, which also depend on the final goal the student would like to achieve. Regardless of your choice, the entire path requires time and dedication, which are essential for achieving all the requirements to fly competently and safely.

One of the biggest challenges, particularly for those wishing to join an airline as a professional airline pilot, is to build up a sufficient amount of flight hours, which are necessary to gain access to the commercial pilot license and to achieve a qualitatively high preparation.

Our instructors, who are aware of the commitment that each student has put in place, are here to support them also in the Hours Building phase.

At Professional Aviation we have organized special “hour packages” that will allow you to choose the one that is best suited for you, based on your needs, specifically because we know how crucial this part of training is for your career as an airline pilot.