Nestled in the Bolognese countryside a hop away from the city, from the motorway junction and from the railway station, it is easily accessible for those coming from outside the city. The geographical location with respect to the surrounding airspace makes it the ideal location for a flight school.

The campus is equipped with everything a flight academy needs, starting from the hangar structures passing through the offices and services. There is also a small internal guesthouse, several external guesthouses, as well as a restaurant and a summer swimming pool.

A place of aggregation and study, it allows our students to experience a top-level academic experience.

For daytime activities, our flight school offers students the following facilities:

  • large study rooms equipped with wi-fi connection and the most modern teaching aids
  • several briefing rooms
  • a pilot lounge equipped with tools for weather briefing and the possibility of consulting the Jeppesen maps
  • a canteen
  • a secretary office
  • air conditioning in all structures

At the end of the lessons, the cadets can follow their own daily routine thanks to the company of the colleagues and the comforts offered by our campus, such as the restaurant and, during the summer, the outdoor swimming pool. The quality interactions that a center like ours is able to create, both at an intra-student level and between students and teaching staff, leads to a greater involvement in the educational activities, to a better learning commitment and, more in general, to a rewarding academic path. In Professional Aviation our aim is not simply to offer an option for accommodation to those not living nearby, but rather we are committed in building a context that every day develops union and a spirit of collectivity, making each student feel part of our values.

The time spent together in our flight school allows students to get in touch with different people, ideas and ways of living, making this experience unforgettable and fostering the emergence of lasting and fruitful social relationships.