The Flight simulator

The total immersion in a virtual experience that a flight simulator creates allows you to reproduce training scenarios of both weather conditions and breakdowns or emergencies that are impossible to create in a real airplane. For this reason, the use of the flight simulator has become the standard in professional training to complement the practical learning carried out on the aircraft. Professional Aviation has chosen the most modern and complete Alsim ALX.

Alsim ALX flight simulator

Equipped with an advanced visual system, the Alsim ALX flight simulator is characterized by a high level of realism (HDVS – High Definition Visual System and Force Feedback yoke), which is able to replicate the operations and calculations underlying the navigation of an aircraft and to simulate the response to external factors, such as pressure, turbulence, wind and precipitation, as well as emergency scenarios. The use of the device is also an integral part of our MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) course, which introduces theoretical knowledge and technical skills for the operation of a multicrew aircraft, allowing cadets to obtain the qualification for multicrew operations.

The Alsim ALX flight simulator adds further importance to a fleet made up of the most modern aircraft, to a team of experienced and qualified instructors and to a teaching method of proven success, to guarantee a training of the highest profile. As supporters of a vision that places awareness of the situation and ability to act among the most important requirements that a pilot must have, we are convinced at Professional Aviation of the effectiveness and benefits that this tool will bring in training professionals who will be even more confident of their abilities.

“Having the flexibility to change different configurations and flight models thanks to a simulator is an added value for our school. By examining the options presented on the market, Alsim and, in particular, the ALX model are clearly the most reliable, advanced and trusted company and product available today”.

Vito Preti, CEO of Professional Aviation