Project Description


At Professional Aviation we will be there to support you even if, once you have started flying, you feel the need to learn even more.

Our instructors are also qualified to provide you with training under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). This qualification will be a plus to your status as a pilot and will enable you to fly aircraft also at night-time or in weather conditions with poor visibility.

You will learn to fly even more precisely and you will be able to fly more and on more occasions without having to worry about landing before it gets dark or before the weather conditions get worse.

The flight training for the CBM-IR module (Competence Based Modular Instrument Rating), which is carried out on the modern Cirrus SR20 that is equipped other than with Glass Cockpit avionics also with a Ballistic Parachute and Autopilot, will allow the student to learn how to operate the aircraft during flight under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules), i.e. by using only the instrumentation aboard.

Thanks to the school’s state-of-the-art airplanes the student will learn from the very first stages to work with sophisticated aircraft provided with the most advanced equipment, including the Glass Cockpit and Autopilot. The same equipment that he/she will be later able to find and easily operate in the cockpit of a liner thanks to the solid experience gained in our flight school.